In Conversation with Hur Jin-ho (2020)

  • Masterclass
  • 34min

Director Hur Jin-ho has been at the peak of the Korean directors league since he emerged confidently with his touching debut feature Christmas In August in 1998. The tender story of a terminally ill young man who flirts with a new romance, it set him on his way as a director who became known for his subtle, moving brand of sentimental drama – the turbulence of unrequited love in One Fine Spring Day (2001), a man and a woman find out that they are both being cheated on by their respective spouses in April Snow (2005), two people fighting serious illnesses fall in love in Happiness (2007). But Hur is no one-trick pony and in 2012, he switched gears, making a lavish adaptation of Dangerous Liaisons set in Shanghai in the 1930s and made in Chinese. Since then, he has made two period epics – The Last Princess (2016) and last year’s Forbidden Dream (2019). He spoke to IFFAM artistic director Mike Goodridge about his film-making style and surprising career.


English, Korean


Traditional Chinese, English